Corporate Insurance

Fire & Property

Through the Fire & Property Insurance product, Tugu Insurance provides protection for your assets, buildings, and what’s inside. You’ll be able to live safely and comfortably without any worries.

Fire Insurance


With more than 38 years of experience as a reliable insurance company, we provide Fire Insurance protection that guarantees any losses or damages to the insured property. To learn more about the Fire Insurance that is more appropriate for your needs, please kindly contact us.

What kinds of guarantee do we provide?

  • Primary Assurances
    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion
    • Airplane crash
    • Smoke
  • Additional Assurances
    • Typhoons, hurricanes, floods, and water damages

    • Riots, strikes, unpleasant acts

What types of risk that are not guaranteed?

  • Excluded Risks
    • Theft and/or loss during and after the event guaranteed by the insurance Policy;
    • Deliberation of the Insured, representative of the Insured, or other parties at the instruction of the Insured;
    • Intentions of other parties with the knowledge of the Insured;
    • Deliberate mistakes or omissions by the Insured or the representative of the Insured;
    • Fires of the forest, bush, reed, or peat;
    • All kinds of explosives;
    • Nuclear reaction;
    • All forms of business disruptions.
  • Excluded Objects and Interests
    • The spread of fire or heat that arises on its own or because of the nature of the goods themselves;
    • A short-circuit that occurs in a unit of electrical or electronic equipment;
    • Goods belonging to other parties which are stored and/or deposited;
    • Motorized vehicles, heavy equipment vehicles, locomotives, aircraft, ships;
    • Precious metals, jewelry, or precious stones;
    • Antiques or arts;
    • All kinds of texts, plans, drawings, or designs;
    • Stocks, bonds, shares, or all kinds of securities;
    • Computer software, magnetic cards, chips;
    • Foundation, underground building, fence;
    • Wood trees, plants, animals;
    • Parks, lands, waterways, roads.

Further information about excluded risks is as stated in the policy provisions.

Who Can Use This Product?

  • Personal/individual owner of the building and/or its contents
  • Building company and/or its contents
  • Banks or other financial institutions

The insurance premium rates have been adjusted to the provisions of the Financial Service Authority Circular Letter Number 6/SEOJK.05/2017.