Let’s join Tugu Insurance team! Explore various opportunities to develop your skills, challenge your abilities and learn from the experts in insurance field.

Working at Tugu Insurance

Employees are the most important asset of every company. The development of Human Resources (HR) becomes inseparable in every company program. In the insurance industry in Indonesia, the development of HR’s talent and expertise is the main capital, given the quite unique characteristics of the insurance business.

Competitive Compensation & Benefits

As a form of Company appreciation for the contribution and dedication of workers, Tugu Insurance has a high concern for the workers’ health. Therefore, Tugu Insurance conducts periodic reviews related to the Compensation and Benefits Package by considering Internal Equity through 3P, namely Payment for Position, Person & Performance and External Competitiveness by constantly updating Market Value / Salary Survey. The company always offers the best for employees at Tugu Insurance.

Encourage Self-Development

Harmonious with the Company’s Vision and Mission, Tugu Insurance commits to support workers to be able to develop their insights/knowledge, skills and competencies through a variety of Education and Training. This program is carried out by facilitating workers to attend various workshops, seminars, certification or non-certification training as well as various internal/external activities to increase the professionalism of workers in carrying out their work duties. Besides, Tugu Insurance also commits to providing unique experiences.

Work-life Balance

To achieve work-life balance, Tugu Insurance supports the employees to maintain balance in carrying out their roles as employees (Tugu people) and other roles outside of work. Tugu Insurance encourages employees to carry out work effectively and optimally and supports employees to carry out other activities both personal and non-personal. Through various internal company activities, Tugu Insurance also provides a place for employees to channel their interests/talents/hobbies.

Selection Process