Good Corporate Governance

Focusing on the working process that is based on Good Corporate Governance, Tugu Insurance is committed to optimizing performance for the sake of the company’s long-term contribution.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Corporate Governance

Principles applied in Tugu Insurance to optimize the company’s performance and contribution, as well as maintaining the company’s sustainability in the long term.


Integrated Governance

The integrated governance to optimize the stability of the financial system that grows sustainably in the company.


Business Ethics and Code of Conduct

Regulating the company procedures regarding attitudes and behaviors towards stakeholders and employees. It also regulates employee’s attitudes and behaviors in interacting with fellow employees.


Conflict of Interest

Guidelines for preventing conflicts of interest that could potentially harm the customers and companies.



Regulation regarding gratification or giving various things to employees and stakeholders, including giving money, goods, commissions, and other facilities.


Whistle Blowing System

Providing opportunities for customers to make a report if there are allegations of violation of the law or code of ethics committed by Tugu Insurance.


Anti-Fraud Strategies

Preventing cases of irregularities in banking operations that can potentially harm customers or companies.


Handling of Customer Complaints

Tugu Insurance provides special services to handle complaints submitted by customers.


Anti Money Laundering Program & Prevention of Terrorism Funding

In Tugu Insurance, we strive to create a working environment that doesn’t give the slightest chance for anyone to conduct a money laundering program.


Transparency and Disclosure

To increase the trust of shareholders and stakeholders, Tugu Insurance publishes transparency and disclosure guidelines.


Reports on the Assets of State Administrators

Tugu Insurance publishes a guideline regarding the obligation for state administrators to report their assets.