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Aviation & Satellite

Get comprehensive protection while traveling with travel insurance. Working closely with trusted insurance partners, Tugu Insurance is eager to provide guarantees and compensation in terms of flight cancellations, delays, lost items, and accidents.

Aviation Hull & Liability Insurance

Air travel always has its own risks. However, that does not mean you can not enjoy it. Aviation Hull and Liability Insurance from Tugu Insurance provides protection against loss and/or damage to the airplane frame as well as liabilities arising from an accident.

Objects that can be insured:

  • Airplane frame
  • Responsibilities to third parties
  • Responsibilities to passengers

The company that needs this insurance:

  • Airline companies

Excluded Risks:

  • Geographical boundaries that include exceptions
  • Illegal use
  • Freights by other transportations
  • The number of passengers exceeding the capacity
  • War, piracy, riots, and other similar risks
  • Nuclear risks
  • Landing and take-off areas that do not meet requirements
  • Airplane is operated by a pilot that is not officially written in the policy overview