Good Corporate Governance

Focusing on the working process that is based on Good Corporate Governance, Tugu Insurance is committed to optimizing performance for the sake of the company’s long-term contribution.

Interactive and customer-focused work culture

In Tugu Insurance, we are determined to become the number one general insurance company in Indonesia. This cannot be achieved without clear, structured, and interactive good corporate governance (GCG), which should also be applied in daily operational activities.

Tugu Insurance is determined to become the number one general insurance company in Indonesia. This determination cannot be achieved without implementing good corporate governance (Good Corporate Governance). Corporate Governance Practices serves as a basis for structure in determining policies, of course with due regard to the provisions of the Articles of Association and the applicable laws and regulations as follows:

  • Republic of Indonesia Law No. 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies
  • Financial Services Authority Regulations (OJK)
  • BUMN Minister Regulation Number PER 03 / MBU / 2012 concerning Guidelines for Appointment of Members of the Directors and Commissioners of SOE Subsidiaries
  • Guidelines for Management of Pertamina’s Subsidiaries
  • GCG Regulations

Optimizing the implementation of Corporate Governance Practices can also provide added value to the Company, help manage risks appropriately, prevent irregularities in the management of the company, increase accountability to stakeholders, and improve work culture in the Company. If all the benefits can be realized, not only business growth will be achieved by Tugu Insurance, but also increase profitability and business sustainability.

In order to achieve these goals and realize these benefits, there are at least five basic principles of Corporate Governance Practices that we always uphold in each of our steps and efforts, namely transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, as well as fairness and equality. Armed with strong corporate governance principles, Tugu Insurance is ready to become a world-class Indonesian pride insurance company.